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Sun Baoguo talks about food safety supervision: opportunities and challenges brought about by new technologies coexistUpdated:2019-03-10    Click:

"The development of new technologies will always be opportunities and challenges for food safety supervision, and opportunities are greater than challenges." At the 2019 conference hall held today, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of Beijing University of Industry and Commerce Sun Baoguo, chairman of the China Food Safety 30 Forum, pointed out that the self-discipline of industry practitioners should be promoted through legal supervision to alleviate the challenges brought by the development of new technologies to food safety supervision.
Sun Baoguo believes that for food safety supervision, opportunities and challenges brought about by new technologies coexist, and opportunities are always greater than challenges. The more challenges and the more tests, the higher the quality and level of food supervision will be. "For example, pesticides and veterinary drug residues, with the development of science and technology, the accuracy of analytical instruments is getting higher and higher, and toxic and harmful substances can be found regardless of the amount. This is the new technology that provides us with a scientific basis."
At the same time, Sun Baoguo pointed out that the development of new technologies will also bring about new issues in food safety supervision, such as the impact of degradation of agricultural plastics on the environment and excessive pesticide residues. “This requires legal regulation to improve laws and regulations, especially to enhance the self-discipline of industry practitioners, to alleviate or avoid the challenges of food safety, including food safety regulation, due to the development of new technologies.”
In addition, Sun Baoguo also believes that with the increasing number of food safety challenges, the science of consumers should be further strengthened, and it is urgent to upgrade the scientific quality of the whole people. "Especially the dose-effect relationship of toxic substances in food" "The problem, any food, including organic foods, contains toxic and hazardous substances, the key is the problem of quantity." Sun Baoguo said, "need to explain to consumers, what amount will bring There is no problem with the harm and the amount."  (Source: China Economic Net