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Polymer microspheres drive technology to solve the problem of oil and precipitation in high-salt reservoirsUpdated:2018-10-13    Click:
      The Linnan oilfield reservoir of the Linpan Oil Production Plant has deep burial, low permeability and poor conventional profile control. The technicians of the process and geology work together to select the preferred well, which is carried out in the Xia 52 block summer 52-228 well of the oil field. Pilot test, the introduction of polymer microspheres profile control technology was successful, and achieved good oil and precipitation effects.
      The so-called polymer microspheres are micro-nano elastic spheres that are slowly swelled by water. By sealing the pore throats in the deep layer of the formation, the flow of the injected water in the deep part of the formation is turned, and the initial particle size is small, and it can enter the deep part of the formation and be in a liquid state. Stable suspoemulsion, support for online injection and other characteristics. This technology "gets in, can be blocked, can move", effectively solves the problem of profile control in high temperature and high salt reservoirs. In the recently implemented Xia 52-228 well, when the profile control was started, a total of 1070 cubic meters of gel plugging agent was injected to meet the design requirements. After a lapse of two months, the polymer microspheres began to be accompanied and the pressure rose steadily. Corresponding two oil wells, Xia 52-408 well achieved good oil and precipitation effects, 0.3 tons of oil per day before profile control, 70% water, 2 tons of oil per day after profile control, water 55%.
      Currently, this technology is being promoted and applied in several oil fields of the plant.
(Source: Victory Daily)