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Water-driven heavy oil microbial flooding demonstration project settled in Shengli OilfieldUpdated:2018-10-12    Click:
      On September 18th, the oilfield held a kick-off meeting for the Sinopec major demonstration project “Research and demonstration of micro-discharge technology for water-driven heavy oil”. After the demonstration project is completed, two engineering demonstration zones will be established, covering 35 million tons of geological reserves in three years and increasing the recoverable reserves by 1 million tons.
      The project was approved by Sinopec's major demonstration project on May 3 this year. The project refines five topics and is broken down into 16 topics. At present, the geological reserves of water-driven heavy oil reservoirs in Shengli Oilfield are 890 million tons, and the recovery rate is 28.6%. The viscosity of crude oil is high, the oil-water flow ratio is large, the efficiency of conventional water-flooding is low, and the heterogeneity in some unit layers. Serious, the degree of imbalance in the use of reserves and other issues. Theoretical research and mine practice show that microbial flooding can effectively reduce the viscosity of crude oil, expand the volume of the migration, and significantly improve the recovery of water-driven heavy oil reservoirs.
      In view of the large-scale application of microbial flooding technology in water-flooded heavy oil reservoirs, the project team will develop economic and technological development boundaries of water-driven heavy oil reservoirs, directed activation of microbial populations, regulation of microbial fields in reservoirs, and prediction of production dynamics of biochemical indicators. Research on key technologies, through the construction of water flooding heavy oil reservoir microbial flooding project demonstration project, establish a standardization process for microbial flooding technology, and lay a foundation for the large-scale application of microbial flooding technology.
      In addition to the establishment of two engineering demonstration zones, the project will also form a microbial flooding promotion standard process and standards to form a mature water flooding heavy oil reservoir microbial flooding development technology system, the demonstration area will increase oil recovery by 7%, input-output ratio 1 : 3 or more.
(Source: Victory Daily)