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Sun Baoguo: China's food safety is greatly enhanced and it is also facing severe challengesUpdated:2018-04-20    Click:
    On April 19th, the 2018 International Food Safety and Health Conference, co-sponsored by the China Food Science and Technology Association and the International Food Science and Technology Alliance, was held in Beijing. Academician Sun Baoguo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of the Beijing University of Industry and Technology, gave a keynote speech titled "China's Food Safety in the Decade: Upgrading and Challenges."
    Prof. Sun Baoguo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Beijing University of Industry and Technology, said in a report that after 10 years of hard work, China’s food safety level has been greatly enhanced. Established a relatively complete system of laws and regulations, formed a new food safety standard system, changed the supervision system to unified supervision, achieved fruitful results in the construction of an information platform for food safety supervision, significantly improved the ability to monitor food safety risks, and strengthened the management of food safety at the source. , The food safety social co-governance mechanism is operating effectively, and food safety risk assessment and risk exchange have a good start.
    However, there is no zero risk in food safety and China's food safety is still facing severe challenges. Environmental pollution, the supply of raw materials for agricultural products from small-scale peasant economies, and the weak foundation of the food industry have left hidden risks to food safety risks. In the future, foodborne diseases will become the main source of food safety problems. Food safety risks and environmental pollution brought about by new consumer demands should not be underestimated. Food safety network rumors have not yet been effectively controlled, and there is still a gap between enterprises' understanding of food safety. China's food safety standards have yet to be further integrated with the international community and food safety is always on the road.