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Food QS sign "SC" sign for food after retiring in October 1, 2018Updated:2018-01-15    Click:
The QS logo on food packaging has been regarded by consumers as a symbol of food safety. "Service" for years of QS logo, will not be used in October 1, 2018. In January 10th, the Wuhan Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued a notice, requirements of food production enterprises must be in exchange for a new food production license in October 1st (hereinafter referred to as "SC"), the old version of the QS logo will be completely canceled.
According to the requirements of the State General Administration on implementing the "food production license management regulation", since October 1, 2018, the food, including health food and food additives, produced by food manufacturers should not be used for the original packaging, labels and QS logo.
According to the introduction, the old version of the "QS" sign is the abbreviation of the quality and safety. It is a safe food produced by the government department. With the implementation of the new food safety law, it is clear that the food production license number should be marked on the food packaging. The "QS" logo will no longer be the basis for food production license, but will enable the new "SC" certificate. The "SC" code represents the sole license code of enterprises, which can achieve the purpose of identification and query, achieve food traceability and enhance safety awareness of food manufacturers.