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Food safety popular video library on-line, free downloadUpdated:2017-08-17    Click:
Recently, by the food partner network of food interesting science, animation team to build the "original food safety popular science video library" ( on-line. It is understood that the first batch of on-line original popular science video has more than 160, including, "can you read food labels?" "," fruits and vegetables for pesticide residues, it is mainly "Clenbuterol" food poisoning "," have a shelf life of food can eat? And other topics of interest to consumers.
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Food interesting, science and animation team said, "original food safety popular science video library" can be online browsing, and at the same time will open free download function, to facilitate the relevant organizations and individuals to carry out public science propaganda. The team will continue to produce food safety science video, fill and update the video library, for the food industry to provide more and better resources and services.
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Food science interesting animation team is a set of animation design, dissemination and promotion of food professional knowledge in one of the animated cartoon creation team, the team launched the "interesting food science" brand, through the minutes of animation in the form of simple and vivid description of food knowledge, and spread through the website, APP, WeChat comprehensive multi-channel. The team has been the strong support of the food safety regulatory agencies at all levels, industry associations, experts and users of the food network of partners in the development process, and with the Baidu encyclopedia, Penguin seconds to understand the media platform, hundreds of other platforms to establish a long-term cooperative relations, at present, the team in the platform Tencent, Iqiyi, Youku, today's headlines are open "food interesting topic page, click on the total volume of nearly 10 million times.
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