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Food Safety Commission of the State Council will carry out food safety supervisionUpdated:2017-08-19    Click:
Food Safety Commission of the State Council has issued a notice on food safety supervision work, will be from August 26th to September 10th, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) food safety supervision work carried out by the people.
The supervision will adhere to the problem oriented, and further strengthen local government territorial management responsibilities, improve food safety level and ability to ensure the safety of the people tongue". The main content of supervision is: regional implementation of Party Central Committee and State Council decision and food safety requirements of the party with responsibility; the food safety committee play a leadership role in a unified, coordinate and solve the key difficult problems; to prevent the strict management and strictly control risks, ensure food safety from farm to table; strengthen grassroots regulatory capacity building situation in 2016 to implement the assessment of corrective measures; etc..
First of all regions to control inspection content, seriously carry out self-examination, is false and concealed, where fraud was found, to be criticized, if the circumstances are serious, the persons responsible according to law. The food safety committee of the State Council will also conduct inspections on the spot, and give feedback to the people's governments of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) on the problems found and put forward proposals for rectification.