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12 food and food related standards were introduced in SeptemberUpdated:2017-09-02    Click:
Since September 2017, 12 food and food related standards have come into operation, including 6 national standards and 6 local standards.
Of the 6 national standards, 3 were introduced in September 17th. Respectively: "GB 2761-2017 the national food safety standards of mycotoxins in food Limited", "GB 2762-2017 of the national food safety standards of food contaminants in" GB 5009.138-2017 ", the national food safety standards of food" determination of nickel.
The new implementation of the three criteria were instead of the "GB 2761-2011 of the national food safety standards of mycotoxins in food Limited", "GB 2762-2012 of the national food safety standards of contaminants in foods" and "GB/T 5009.138-2003" determination of nickel in food.
It is worth noting that this month is particularly important is the GB 2761-2017, GB 2762-2017 two standards for the implementation of pollutants. These two standards, the main new wine and coffee ochratoxin A limit, added new Spirulina and its products in the limited amount of lead requirements, remove the rare earth plant food requirements. In addition, combined with the "national food safety standards of mycotoxins in food Limited" (GB 2761-2011) and the "national food safety standards of contaminants in foods" (GB 2762-2012) issued after the implementation of some problems encountered, both in coordination with other relevant standards, the two standard text made further amendments to improve.
It is understood that the GB2761 provides limited requirements of mycotoxins in food in China, GB2762 provides limited requirements in addition to chemical contaminants, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, biological toxins and radioactive substances outside. In our country, the limit of pesticide residue in food, the limit of veterinary drug residue and the limit of radioactive material shall be formulated separately, and the relevant national standards for food safety shall be formulated.
The food network reminds you that GB 2761 and GB 2762 should follow the following principles in their implementation:
Is a food production enterprise shall strictly according to the laws and regulations and standards of production, to meet the food standard requirements of pollutants (mycotoxins).
Two other food pollutant standards not covered, or did not develop (mycotoxins) management limited value or the level of control, food producers should take control measures to food contaminants (mycotoxins) content reached as far as the lowest level possible.
Three is to focus on food and raw materials (mycotoxins) control, reduce the pollutants from the source of food and food contaminants (mycotoxins).
The four is to encourage enterprises to adopt strict production control in GB2761, GB2762 food safety management requirements, strict production process, reduce food contaminants (mycotoxins) content.
3 other national standards and 6 local standards were introduced on September 1.
Food and food related standards introduced in September
Serial number
Standard number
Standard name
Substitute standard
Date of implementation
GB/T 19343-2016
General rules for chocolate and chocolate products (including cocoa butter, chocolate and cocoa butter, chocolate products)
GB/T 19343-2003
GB/T 33526-2017
Digital PCR detection method for transgenic plant products
GB/T 33497-2017
Specifications for quality management of catering enterprises
GB 5009.138-2017
National standard for food safety - Determination of nickel in foods
GB/T 5009.138-2003
GB 2762-2017
National standards for food safety - Limits of pollutants in foods
GB 2762-2012
GB 2761-2017
The national food safety standards of mycotoxins in food Limited
GB 2761-2011
DB53/T 829-2017
Geographical indications: Binchuan citrus (Binchuan citrus)
DB53/T 830-2017
Product of geographical indication Zhu Kula coffee
DB53/T 831-2017
The geographical indication products Lufeng vinegar
SZDB/Z 256-2017
Code for food safety management in catering industry
SZDB/Z 257-2017
Cross border e-commerce; product quality monitoring; imported wines
DBS50/ 028-2017
Food safety; local standards; seasonings
DB50/ 320-2009