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Special food regulatory system has become China's food industry poised to go beyondUpdated:2017-08-31    Click:
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In October 1, 2015 October 1, 2015 the newly revised implementation of the "food safety law", the health food, formula foods for special medical purposes, infant formula and other specific groups for the main and auxiliary food for special food.
In December 8, 2015 December 8, 2015, "management measures" formula foods for special medical purposes and registered by the State Food and drug administration adopted at the executive meeting of the. The measures shall come into force as of July 1, 2016.
In February 4, 2016 February 4, 2016, the "measures" management of health food registration and filing by the State Food and drug administration adopted at the executive meeting of the. The measures shall come into force as of July 1, 2016.
In March 15, 2016 March 15, 2016, "infant formula milk powder formula product registration" by the State Food and drug administration adopted at the executive meeting of the. The measures shall come into force as of October 1, 2016.
Even Japan, the State Food and Drug Administration accepted the administrative service hall full of people, health food, infant formula milk powder and formula foods for special medical purposes has carried out 3 kinds of special food registration management regulations on-site consulting activities to attract a large number of people involved in the special food industry. The newly revised "in October 1, 2015 since the implementation of the food safety law" special food supervision system Chinese characteristics of efficient operation of the establishment, supervision departments and production enterprises together to ensure people's food safety and promote the healthy development of China's food industry special efforts.
Top design to build the most stringent supervision of Chinese style
The newly revised "food safety law" for the first time to establish the special food concept, specifically the implementation of registration and management of infant formula milk powder formula, the implementation of product registration and registration system management to the health food registration management of formula foods for special medical purposes.
This year has just retired vice chairman of China Health Association, said Jia Yaguang, has milepost significance of the new revision of the "food safety law", the regulatory philosophy completed by "developing norms" to "norms of development". On the one hand, the newly revised "food safety law" health food "retained the designation", confirm the development status of health food is facing a crisis of identity; on the other hand, the implementation is different from the rest of the world's track record and the birth registration system, supervision mode with characteristics Chinese students.
After the implementation of the newly revised "food safety law", the General Administration promulgated the measures for the registration and filing of health food items and a series of laws and regulations related to it. In May this year the administration's official website to hang out "promote decentralization and let go of health food record management" clearly, the next step will be to adhere to the law, management, scientific management, "management services" combination, both, reform and reorganization of social governance principles, to further promote the health food approval and record management system reform, to take "open application, public demonstration, public results", from the vitamin mineral material, single raw material formula and homogenization of formula 3 levels to gradually expand the scope of raw materials to promote and release the product catalog, record management, filing, registration and approval form is the most is a new pattern of supervision.
In the newly revised food safety act, the special medical use formula completely removed the hat of the medicine and appeared as a food identity in public view. With the publication of "formula foods for special medical purposes registration" and other supporting regulations, registration of the main production conditions, research conditions, test condition requirements, some even higher than the drug registration regulation system of special medical food silhouette. The supervision of the management of food identity and drug administration has made the special food products under the most strict supervision and orderly development.
In fact, as one of the food safety problems of the people's most concern, infant formula milk powder regulatory reform started earlier. In June 2013, jointly issued the State Administration of the Ministry of industry and other 9 ministries "on the further strengthening of the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder", "strict management of infant formula milk powder" reference drug management approach, "the history of the most strict supervision" sounded assembly.
After the implementation of the new revised food safety law, the reform of infant formula milk powder regulation speed up again. In June 2016, the "management approach" of infant formula milk powder formula products registered and issued, "infant formula milk powder production enterprises supervision and inspection regulations" "infant formula milk production license examination rules (2013 Edition)" "infant formula milk powder formulations registered management approach" and other related regulations, initially formed a strict system, supervision of dairy products unified and standardized.
Industry revitalization, out of China acceleration
With the courage to dapodali courage, a scientific and reasonable forward-looking design, fully consider the situation of China bold innovation, at present, our country with a new version of the "food safety law" as the base, to the forthcoming "Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations" for the beam, with a series of regulatory laws and regulations for special food supervision system of column has been formed.
"China's regulatory practices for special medical formulas, uses of food and dietary supplements, and in particular the management of dietary supplements, are worth learning from the United states." An American expert FDA said that in the United States dietary supplements, without government approval, manufacturers can produce and market, the government only after the safety supervision management mode leads to the problem of illegal adding exist for a long time.
"China is the world's largest exporter of health food raw materials and health food producers