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Food safety publicity week today to start co-governance can be sharedUpdated:2017-06-29    Click:
Despite the steady and good, but the current food safety situation is still serious and complex, affecting the deep-seated problems of food safety has not yet fundamentally resolved. Strengthen food safety, to continue to take the lead, to make good use of innovative forces, but also cohesion together. Only to build the parties involved in the orderly and orderly food safety social governance system in order to promote food safety into the common governance and sharing each other to support the benign development track
2017 National Food Safety Propaganda Week on June 29 start, the theme is "Suntech law enforcement to share food safety." Food safety relations more than 1.3 billion people in the country's health and life safety, must be tight and tight. Germany and France are effective measures to ensure food safety, a total of food safety can only share safe food.
To ensure that food safety is the people's livelihood projects, people's projects, the party and the government has always attached great importance. In recent years, the relevant departments in strengthening the rule of law, the implementation of regulatory responsibility, governance "table pollution" and so on a lot of work, and achieved positive results. In particular, the "history of the most stringent," said the "Food Safety Law" after the implementation of amendments, the overall situation of China's food safety improved significantly. A survey shows that in 2016 China's food safety concerns concerned about the decline of nearly three percent last year, which reflects a side from the side of the improvement of satisfaction.
Despite the stability of the good, but the maintenance of food safety forever on the road. Food safety situation is still complex and serious, some deep-seated problems have not fundamentally resolved. In the face of many people expect, we must make persistent efforts to do food safety work to do real, to ensure that the people "on the tip of the security."
Strengthen food safety, to continue to tight words. With the most stringent standards for food safety to provide basic system of protection, with the most stringent supervision to hold the systemic risk of regional food safety does not occur at the bottom line, with the most severe punishment to resolutely curb and combat criminal acts, with the most serious question Responsible for promoting the various regions and departments to earnestly perform their duties according to law. On the basis of the existing results, without slack, continued tackling, strict from the farmland to the table of each line of defense, against the behavior of zero tolerance, out of hand, under heavy, and effectively protect the broad masses of the people eat at ease The
Strengthen food safety, make good use of innovative forces. On the one hand, it is necessary to promote the structural reform of the supply side of the food industry, relying on innovative technology to promote the safety and security capabilities and production and management of a comprehensive upgrade to meet the people from the quantitative demand to the safety, quality and health needs of the structural changes. On the other hand, the face of the Internet environment, food safety in the field of emerging new situations and new problems, to innovate food safety supervision means, weaving weaving "nets".
Strengthen food safety, to cohesion together. Food safety is a long-term systematic project that requires the whole society to work together. For example, enterprises to actively fulfill the responsibility of production and management, the government continue to strengthen food safety supervision, the media give full play to the role of public opinion, the majority of consumers take the initiative to safeguard their own interests, do not rumors and rumors, science and technology workers actively offer advice and help to enhance the National Food Safety Science Literacy ... ... only to build the parties involved in a strict and orderly food safety social governance system in order to promote food safety into the common governance and sharing each other to support the benign development track.