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Chinese condiment dealer will be held in Chengdu in 2017 spring workUpdated:2017-03-23    Click:
March 20, 2017, the Chinese condiment dealer will be held in Chengdu in spring. Chinese condiment dealer executive president Yang Fan, executive vice president Qiu Xiaomin and Liu Dalei, the vice president, executive director and members of a total of more than 20 members attended the meeting.
The theme of the conference is "New Retail, New Road and Internet + integration", the meeting through the speech, discussion, etc., for the "Internet +" era of industry status and hot, fully discussed the "new retail", "new Lutong "and other innovative thinking mode, to recognize the new situation, grasp the new opportunities, and strive to promote the new era of innovation and development of the work of the new era and how to work around the Chamber of Commerce platform to better work and other exciting issues in-depth discussion.
Meeting to discuss and through the establishment of the marketing department, by the marketing department is responsible for the activities of the Chamber of Commerce publicity and promotion, "seasoning distribution" magazine revision, condiment dealer business qualification assessment and other proposals. The meeting also proposed the development of regional members of the new issues, the participants have been a positive response. As the important theme of this meeting, the Chinese condiment dealer's general work has been the support of the participants, have said to join the new leadership, the condiment industry's only official business organization to build more perfect.