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2017 national condiment manufacturers dock show debut in ChengduUpdated:2017-03-25    Click:
      March 19 - 23, 2017 national condiment manufacturers docking in Chengdu Furong Li Ting Hotel successfully held, the docking activities by the Chinese condiment dealer, the national condiment manufacturers Union co-organized by the hope that the manufacturers Union Advantages, integration and gather condiment industry resources for manufacturers to build fast and efficient platform. A total of more than 50 condiment brand enterprises to participate in the show, the match also attracted a large number of outstanding dealers and visitors to visit the scene, exchange talks.
     National condiment manufacturers docking after years of development, the industry has been fully recognized and affirmed. Participate in the display of enterprises for the development potential of emerging enterprises around the visit to the dealer is also a multi-channel integration capabilities of the business, in the condiment marketing industry has many years of operating experience, which makes the activities in the industry has become increasingly The greater the influence.