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17/5000 Xīn guī fābù shípǐn ānquán zhuīsù jiànlì yǒu zhāng kě xún New regulations released food safety traceability to establish a rule to followUpdated:2017-04-06    Click:
  April 1, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a "food production and management enterprises to establish a food safety traceability system of a number of provisions" (hereinafter referred to as "provisions"), the food production and management enterprises to establish a food safety traceability system put forward a complete system Sexual guidance.

"Regulations" after the introduction of food production and management enterprises to establish food safety traceability system will be rules to follow. For a more in-depth understanding of the "provisions" content, the reporter in the first time on the "provisions" of the drafting of an exclusive interview, and asked the relevant professionals to extract the "provisions" essence, interpretation of "provisions" highlights. The industry said that a comprehensive, practical, strong guidance is the "provisions" of the biggest features.

Before the introduction: extensive research to improve the changes

Food safety traceability system refers to food quality safety and related information that can be tracked (source of production - consumer terminal) or in all aspects of food production and distribution (including production, circulation, sales and catering services, transportation and storage) Reverse the source (consumer terminal - the source of production), so that the entire food production and business activities are always in effective monitoring. The system can clarify its responsibilities, clarify the responsibilities of the main body and the managed subject, and can effectively dispose of food that does not meet the safety standards, thus ensuring food quality and safety.

In countries around the world, the food safety traceability system is recognized as an important means of managing and controlling food safety issues. "National establishment of food safety throughout the retrospective system" has also been explicitly written into China's newly revised "Food Safety Law".

At the same time, Article 42 of the Food Safety Law also states that food production operators should establish a food safety traceability system to ensure traceability of food in accordance with the provisions of this Law. The state encourages food production operators to use information technology to collect and retain production and operation information, and establish a food safety traceability system.

"The provisions of" the drafting of the State Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration Secretary of the relevant staff, as the food industry to establish a traceability system of the first systematic, integrity guide, "regulations" the introduction of brewing for a long time.

2015, the State Food and Drug Administration has for the liquor production enterprises, edible vegetable oil production enterprises and infant formula milk powder production enterprises, issued a guide to establish a quality and safety traceability system or trace the information record specifications. On this basis, the State Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration Secretary to study the draft "on the food production and management enterprises to establish food safety traceability system guidance."

Since then, the relevant staff of the Food and Drug Administration has conducted research on the Association of Chinese Wine Association, China Beverage Association and China Tea Circulation Association, and traveled to Beijing, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong, Sichuan and Hunan. On the beverage, wheat flour, liquor, seasoning and other varieties of food production enterprises to conduct research, to further improve the draft.

In June 2016, the Food and Drug Administration issued a letter to the local food and drug regulatory authorities and the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society, China Food Industry Association, China Meat Association, China Dairy Industry Association and other 12 societies, associations for comments. At the end of 2016, the "draft" of the draft through the State Food and Drug Administration official website to the public. After receiving a total of 38 comments, 78 comments and suggestions. After combing, analyzing and researching, drafting staff members have supplemented and revised individual entries.

In the "Regulations" before the release of the forum, 17 representatives of food production and management enterprises that the "provisions" of the draft has been feasible. (3) the basic information that should be recorded by the catering enterprises "," the information of the purchase information ", and the contents of the" On the basis of the requirements, supplemented the "implementation of a unified distribution of food business enterprises, enterprises can be unified by the headquarters of the supplier of the permit and food certification documents, record the purchase of information." In the case of "the container of the bulk food, the origin of the food marked on the outer packaging", the words "should be marked in the case of the container or the packaging of the food in the bulk of the food".

Highlight one: classification implementation is feasible

The "Regulations" system, which fully describes the framework for the establishment of traceability systems for food production and management enterprises, integrates the contents of the retrospective system involved in the Food Safety Law and the Food Safety Law Enforcement Ordinance, which truly reflects the "Food Safety Law "and" Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations "requirements, to facilitate business understanding and operation." China Chain Store & Franchise Association Food Safety Committee experts, Intertek China Food Division General Manager Cheng Jun commented.

Cheng Jun said that the "principle" in the "provisions" part of the food production and operation of enterprises is the main form of food safety traceability system, food and drug regulatory authorities is the guidance and supervision departments; four principles to the problem-oriented, to ensure that the announcement Landscaping and maneuverability. One of the highlights of the "provision" is the "classification of implementation" principle. Food production and management enterprises to establish food safety traceability system to combine the size of enterprises, process characteristics and the actual implementation of the product, but in any case to achieve the establishment of food quality and safety can be tracked, reverse traceability, risk control, quality and safety issues Can be recalled, the reasons can be identified, the responsibility to pursue the basic objectives. This is also a requirement to evaluate the traceability of food safety.

Food enterprises to implement the "provisions" whether the difficulty? In this regard, Cheng Jun said that the "provisions" requirements, itself is the basic requirements of laws and regulations, for a certain scale production and operation of enterprises, especially the establishment of food safety management system enterprises Has been implemented, but only need to control the "provisions" of the work objectives and content requirements to improve, the implementation of the difficulty is not. For small enterprises and "three small" enterprises, the implementation of the "provisions" does have some difficulty, mainly personnel and cost issues, the relevant departments need to give effective training and provide easy to operate in the form, such as records Tabularization, standardization, and sharing of information. Retrospective is the basic requirements of internal management, there is no increase in costs, but different technical means. Prior to the industry worried that the establishment of traceability system must use the Internet platform, all localities and departments, enterprises should establish a platform to purchase equipment, resulting in waste of resources. In fact, the Internet information display and testing can not directly produce safe food, basic process management is the most important. Too much emphasis on the Internet platform and the role of detection will increase the cost, and even negative effects. Therefore, "provisions" is realistic, is based on the law, business implementation is not difficult.