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Enlarge the move: food adulteration fraud directly into the sentenceUpdated:2017-04-20    Click:
According to the Xinhua News Agency, the General Office of the State Council recently issued the "2017 Food Safety Key Work Arrangement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Work Arrangement"), emphasizing the "most stringent standards, the most stringent supervision, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability ", From the farmland to the table of each line of defense, efforts to solve the people generally concerned about the outstanding issues, and continuously improve the level of food safety and security.
"Work Arrangement" proposed to strengthen the food safety law construction, improve food safety standards, crack down on food safety crime. Improve the judicial interpretation of food safety criminal cases, and promote the adulteration fraud directly into the sentence. Basically complete the food safety law supporting the revised regulations, the implementation of punishment to people. Promote food safety standards and international standards docking, strengthen the standard development, implementation and supervision of convergence. The use of additives, the abuse of pesticide veterinary drugs and other agricultural inputs, fake and sell fake, private slaughter and other illegal acts, stressed that all food safety violations should be investigated to the people, and to the public The person who was punished.
"Work arrangements" stressed that we must adhere to the source control, purification of agricultural production environment, strengthen the source of planting and breeding sources. Increase the atmospheric, water, soil pollution prevention and control efforts, in-depth development of cultivated land quality and enhance the action. Before the end of the introduction of agricultural land use of soil management approach, the release of agricultural land environmental quality standards. Strengthen the safety interval of pesticide veterinary drugs, the management of the withdrawal period. Promote the pilot management of edible agricultural products. Depth advancement of livestock and poultry, aquatic product quality and safety of special rectification, centralized management of pesticide veterinary drug residues exceeded the prominent problem.
"Work Arrangement" proposed to strict production and management process, strict prevention and control of food safety risks, and promote food industry transformation and upgrading. The implementation of food and beverage industry to enhance the quality and safety of the project, the implementation of the main responsibility of catering units to strengthen the regulation of the network meal. Adhere to the problem-oriented, on the basis of risk classification to strengthen the daily supervision and inspection, and information disclosure forced production operators to implement the main responsibility. Increase the risk monitoring and evaluation efforts, co-ordinate the national, provincial, city and county level four sampling plan, focus on products, key issues to strengthen supervision and sampling and risk monitoring. Strengthen rural food safety management, as well as campus and surrounding areas of food safety supervision. The introduction of the healthy development of the food industry to promote the guidance of the food industry to promote structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading.
"Work Arrangements" stressed that all localities should strengthen food safety work as a major political task, as a public safety issues, mainly responsible comrades personally grasp, to ensure that the regulatory work is responsible, there are positions, staff, means, and earnestly People 's "safety on the tip of the tongue". Increase food safety investment, to ensure that all levels of food safety supervision requirements, in particular, inspection and testing funds.