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China's 80% of the family of edible oil exceeded 5 ministries to promote "salt, oil, sugar"Updated:2017-05-28    Click:
    According to the Voice of China, "National News Network" reported that the National Health Commission, the State Sports General Administration, the National Federation of Trade Unions and other five ministries jointly issued the "National Healthy Life Action Program (2017-2025)". China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said Liang Xiaofeng, deputy director of China's 80% of the family of food consumption exceeded, to promote "salt, oil, sugar."
    At present, China's daily per capita consumption of edible oil is 42.1 grams, much higher than the "Chinese residents dietary guidelines (2016)" recommended 25-30 grams of the standard. Liang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that 80% of China's household consumption of oil exceeded, "now a lot of young people take away, oil on the other hand to bring a relatively large problem is too much fat intake because of its high energy, Easy to consume, causing hyperlipidemia and obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure followed.
    Chinese students physical and health research results show that children and adolescents overweight and obesity grow rapidly. In 2014, the detection rate of high blood pressure was 7% and 5.7%, respectively. Sugary drinks are the main source of sugar for children and adolescents, Liang Xiaofeng said, to encourage the creation of sugar-free or low-sugar campus environment, reduce children and adolescents with sugar drinks and high-sugar food intake, "3-17 years of high consumption of drinks High consumers to add sugar to more than 6% of the energy supply, China has said about 5% more appropriate.The key is in the 3-17 years old, to protect children's health, advocate everyone drink boiled water, do not drink, especially primary and secondary school students. "(Source: China Broadcasting Network)