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"Thirteen five" period will focus on breakthrough key food security technologyUpdated:2017-06-06    Click:

   Ministry of Science and Technology recently released "" thirteen "food science and technology innovation special plan". "Planning" that "thirteen five" period, will be to protect food safety and improve the level of public nutrition and health as the goal, focusing on breakthroughs in manufacturing, food safety, nutrition and health and other key areas of key common key technologies. By 2020, the food industry-wide chain of quality safety testing technology and breakthrough technology to achieve a breakthrough, dietary nutrition intervention in health food science and technology security system continues to improve, to promote healthy China to provide a solid scientific and technological support.

    "Planning" pointed out that China's food safety risk assessment and early warning, as well as food "from farm to table" whole industry chain monitoring and traceability and other work has just started to further enhance the food quality and safety of the whole industry chain comprehensive monitoring capabilities urgently need new technical support. Nutrition balanced design and health intervention targeted regulation, and functional health nutrition and health food and special dietary food development, the urgent need for technology leadership.
    According to the "plan", "thirteen five" period will focus on promoting the food industry science and technology development, enhance food safety and security capabilities 6 key tasks. Among them, the field of scientific and technological development of food industry will focus on promoting food safety, nutrition and health, disruptive technology research and development, food safety and security will highlight the serious problem of food pollution in China, the process control capacity is weak, lack of regulatory support capacity, focus on serious harm to our country The people's health of food-borne pathogenic organisms, chemical carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, biological toxins and other important hazards, in-depth basic research, strengthen monitoring and testing, risk assessment, retrospective early warning of key technology research, The food safety standard system, the national unified retrospective early warning system, the whole chain of process control system and the national food safety data cloud platform, leading the promotion of food safety social co-governance.(Source: Health News)