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Focus 2017 Food Safety Week focus on children's healthy dietUpdated:2017-06-13    Click:

   Recently, by the State Food and Drug Administration and the All-China Women's Federation guidance, the China Nutrition and Health Food Association and the China Children's Youth Foundation jointly sponsored by the National Children's Food Safety and Defense Action "Food Safety Joint Guardian" theme forum held in Beijing. The forum aims to raise awareness among the community and bring together the power of the community to offer advice on the safety of children's food.

    Combined with 2017 food safety work arrangements, "Suntech law-abiding shared food safety" as the theme of food safety publicity week is also about to start. In the past year, the State Food and Drug Administration has carried out a series of work to protect the people's food safety, the domestic food safety situation is stable, the State Food and Drug Administration, Good for Which in conjunction with the National Food Safety Publicity Week activities to promote children's food safety and security work, but also need all aspects of social participation, to protect our tongue on the safety of work together.
    Give the country the focus on children's food safety issues
    Zhu Xisheng, secretary general of the China Children's Youth Foundation, said in his speech: "The safety of guarding children is a long way to go." We will work together to explore the future of children's food safety work, create universal participation, social co-ordination of children's food Safe atmosphere for the majority of children to establish a healthy growth of the green environment.
    "The forum is very meaningful," he said, adding that the forum has further enriched the contents of the National Food Safety Week and created a good atmosphere for guarding children's food safety and helping to promote China's food safety supervision. The healthy development of children 's cause.
    Zhang Qian, deputy director of the Nutrition and Health Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that we should encourage children to actively participate in food safety knowledge learning activities so that children can understand the importance of food safety. At the same time should strengthen the training of teachers to ensure that they can use scientific and correct concept of food safety guide children's scientific diet.
    The guests suggested that food safety education should be included in the primary and secondary school curriculum, effectively let the children feel the importance of food safety. Fang Jian, President of the International College of Lizhi, and Tang Huamao, Vice President of the Primary School of Guandu District, Kunming, said that the school is actively exploring new models of feeding and ensuring that children have a scientific and sound food safety concept.
    The community together to help build a solid food fortress
    Nine business representatives in the forum on the joint initiative, as food-related businesses will hold the bottom line, willing to sacrifice, to protect the national children's food safety contribution.
    The new hope six and the Nestlé representatives are committed, will, as always, to provide consumers with safe, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, Traceable health food; Mars and good friends on behalf of that will continue to support food safety and defense operations, strict food quality and safety; nine on behalf of the guarantee, will give you a safe production program; Chengde Lulu and Wal-Mart on behalf of the commitment, Children and Children 's Food Safety Education and Food Safety Risk Education.
    In the roundtable forum, the government, Chinese children's organizations, industry organizations, enterprises, children's food safety promotion ambassador, school representatives, media representatives brainstorming, to speak on children's food safety community to discuss the responsibility and problem-solving path. Representatives have said that the protection of children's food safety, reflects a sense of social responsibility.
    As a child food safety and love to promote ambassadors, film star Wang Yuan can also be a mother, she felt deeply in the forum: "Before the children do not understand the abstract concept of food safety, but through experiments, picture books, etc., can lead to Children 's interest in food safety knowledge. Such activities can be held frequently.
    In this forum, delegates have said that China's food safety work should mobilize everyone in the community to act together to jointly safeguard their own vital interests. And children are the future of society as a whole, and the security of their tongues is the common responsibility and obligation of the whole society. Only the integration of the community from top to bottom all the power from top to bottom together force, vigilant to be able to really build a food safety barrier, so that everyone eat at ease, eat happy.
    Participants suggested that China's food should not only focus on food safety and health education, but also to guide children to accept the traditional Chinese courtesy; guests have said that with the whole society's positive response and cooperation, China's food safety work, especially children's food safety Will be able to make new progress, get new results.