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82 national standards for food safety came into effect in MarchUpdated:2017-03-05    Click:
    And the people's lives are closely related to the 82 food safety testing standards in the March 1, 2017 from the implementation.
     The new implementation of the national standards, including GB 4789 food microbiology test, GB 5009 food physical and chemical testing, GB 14883 food radioactive material testing, GB 31604 food contact materials and product testing. Products include salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, fruit, vegetables, wine, aquatic products, raw milk, infant food, food contact materials and products, testing items covering Enterobacteriaceae, water, ash, peroxide value, acid value, B1, lutein, biotin and radioactive material polonium-210, iodine-131 and so on.
     Most of these national standards are to replace the old standard, there are some newly developed standards, such as GB 4789.41-2016 "food safety national standard food microbiology test Enterobacteriaceae test", GB 5009.258-2016 "food safety National standard food in the determination of raffinose ", is to meet the needs of domestic food safety and the development of the new national standard.
(Source: China News Network)