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The State Council issued the 13th Five-Year national food and drug safety planningUpdated:2017-02-23    Click:
Xinhua news agency, Beijing in February 21, the prime minister Li Keqiang signed, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" national food safety plan "and" 13th Five-Year "national drug safety plan", clearly the work of the food and drug safety in China "13th Five-Year" period of the guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals and main tasks, deployed to protect the people's diet drug safety.
"13th Five-Year" period is fully completed the decisive stage of a well-off society, it is also a critical period to establish a comprehensive, rigorous and efficient social governance of food and drug safety management system. We should fully respect the governance of food and drug safety rules, grasp the focus of the work of the present stage, adhere to the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, adhere to the source of governance, tackling the problem, and promote the healthy development of the food and drug industry, promote the healthy Chinese construction.
The "13th Five-Year" national food safety plan "put forward, to 2020, food safety sampling covering all food categories and varieties, the relevant departments to organize the implementation of the annual amount of food inspection and the unified arrangement of the national plan, the area reached 4 per thousand people; agricultural sources of pollution has been effectively controlled, the main agricultural product quality safety monitoring the overall pass rate more than 97%; the food safety inspection to strengthen the inspection of food production operators, at least 1 times a year; the food safety standards and more perfect product standards covering all the daily consumption of food, limited standards covering all approved the use of pesticides and veterinary drugs and related agricultural products; food safety supervision and technical support capacity has been significantly improved. Plan clearly includes the full implementation of corporate responsibility, to speed up the food safety standards and international standards, improve laws and regulations, strict management, strict supervision, the source process of enhanced sampling, severe punishment of illegal behavior, the ability to support and accelerate the establishment of occupation of inspectors, accelerate the formation of social governance pattern, carry out the creation of national food safety demonstration city and county agricultural products quality and safety actions of 11 main tasks of lifting technology.
The "13th Five-Year" national drug safety plan "put forward," 13th Five-Year "period, to further improve the quality of medicines, batches of already listed drug quality and consistent efficacy evaluation; drug and medical device standards rising, revision completed the national drug standard 3050 and medical standards 500; review and approval system gradually perfect, according to the prescribed time limit of approval; check the capacity to further enhance the quality of the number of occupation inspectors meet inspection requirements; monitoring and evaluation to further improve the level of drug, periodic safety update report evaluation rate reached 100%; the inspection and supervision of law enforcement ability is enhanced, the detection mechanism of drugs and medical equipment inspection and reach the corresponding national standards for the construction of the service; the level of pharmacists increased significantly, per million population of licensed pharmacists number more than 4 people, all The main managers of retail pharmacies have licensed pharmacist qualification, licensed pharmacist to guide the rational use of drugs. Plan put forward to accelerate the generics quality consistency evaluation and effect, deepening reform, review and approval of drugs and medical equipment and perfect the system of regulations and standards, strengthen the supervision of the whole process, strengthen the ability construction of 5 major tasks.
The plan calls for strengthening the protection of policies, ensuring the funds reasonably, strengthening the comprehensive coordination and deepening the international cooperation. The local people's governments at all levels shall, in accordance with the established development goals and major tasks, incorporate food and drug safety into the important agenda and the regional economic and social development plan. The relevant departments should be in accordance with the division of responsibilities, refinement goals, decomposition tasks, develop specific implementation plans.