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"13th Five-Year" food and drug safety by planningUpdated:2017-02-05    Click:
In February 3rd, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the "13th Five-Year" national food and drug safety planning.
According to the national economic and social development in the thirteenth five year plan, "13th Five-Year" conference by the State Food and drug safety planning two. Determine: first, strengthen the whole process of supervision. Especially the implementation of the local county government to ensure food safety responsibility, strengthen the daily supervision of the campus, small vendors and other key areas and objects, carry out pesticide residues of veterinary drugs such as the source of governance, heavy regulation law to add behavior, prevent the occurrence of systemic risk. To strengthen the authenticity of the supervision of drug clinical trial data, accelerate the drug production and operation of various aspects of the verification of traceability mechanism construction, crackdown counterfeit, to prevent drug safety incidents.
Two is to strengthen the spot checks and risk warning. Strengthen the inspectors professional capacity building, improve the inspection system, for all categories and varieties of food, blood products and vaccines, the implementation of essential drugs in full coverage of sampling, improve risk monitoring and assessment and emergency handling ability. Construction of authoritative information release mechanism.
Three is to strengthen technical support. We will speed up the revision of national standards for food safety and improve the standards of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. To promote the registration of drugs and medical devices to review the project government procurement services pilot, with the clinical value of innovative drugs and clinical needs of the drug priority review and approval. The use of Internet plus, big data such as the implementation of online intelligence supervision, strictly implement all aspects of food and drug production, management, use, inspection, supervision of safety responsibility.
The meeting also listened to the recommendations of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members to submit proposals for the situation, the establishment of a long-term mechanism to solve the problem of migrant workers wage arrears.