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Food and Drug Administration Tips: festive diet with a reasonable do not "eat and drink"Updated:2017-01-25    Click:

Spring Festival approaching, "eat and drink" is the word of the people's top priority. 19, the State Food and Drug Administration issued "holiday food safety tips", suggesting that during the holiday season, the diet should be light and not greasy, moderate until, but also diverse food, pay attention to diet with a reasonable.

First, the diet light, not greasy. Eat too greasy, will lead to excess energy, increased burden on the stomach, causing weight gain, and even gastrointestinal diseases. Should choose low fat content, low energy food, and not excessive consumption. Fat, animal offal should be appropriate to eat less, fish, shrimp, mussels, shellfish and other low-fat and rich in high-quality protein, can eat some amount.
Second, the amount so far, but full. Attention to control food intake, do not eat too full. Different during the holiday season, the lack of regular diet, to eat properly, a short time intake of too much food, beverages, etc. can cause gastrointestinal disorders.
Third, food diversity, not monotonous. To focus on diet with a reasonable choice of cereals, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other diversified food, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less fried, barbecue food.
Fourth, light drinks, drink less. Water is the best drink, according to "Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2016)", the average daily drinking water for children over the age of 6 800-1400 ml, 1500-1700 ml in adults. Do not drink cold drinks, drink less or do not drink sugary drinks. (About 1), the amount of alcohol contained in the right amount, or drinking wine is not more than 150 ml (about 1 cup), the beer does not exceed 450 ml (about 1 bottle).
5, snacks to eat, not the main. Snacks should be fruit, nuts and other main. Only should eat, can not replace the dinner. Fried potato chips () and other snacks more energy, should eat or not eat.
In addition, in addition to attention to diet, but also regular activities, not sedentary.
(Source: Xinhua)