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Food safety is a major event for people's livelihood - General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang saidUpdated:2017-01-25    Click:


    Food safety is no small matter, listen to Xi Jinping, general secretary of how to say?

    Spring Festival approaching, do the New Year into the countdown, thousands of households in the procurement for the food. On the basis of the party's WeChat platform, we have put together some important remarks made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on food safety, and see what the General Secretary said about protecting public safety on the tongue.
    Xi Jinping research "tongue on the security"
    December 28, 2013, Beijing Qingfeng Baozi Pu
    Xi Jinping and his party is around 12:20 to the Baozi Pu, and he not only personally ordering, and asked the store manager: "Where is the food raw materials come from? Security is not guaranteed?" Xi Jinping mobile phone manager to show a Group Qingfeng buns in Shunyi raw material processing plant photos, said the store's raw materials from farm to table are safe and secure. After seeing the photos, Xi Jinping said: "Food safety is the most important, the masses to eat at ease, this is my greatest concern."
    January 28, 2014, Yili Group liquid milk production base
    Xi Jinping in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region during the inspection, to the Yili Group liquid milk production base, look at the production line, to the business owners asked about the production and operation, festival supply, told them to attach great importance to food safety issues.
    On February 25, 2014, visited Beijing
    Xi Jinping inspected Beijing, asked the Beijing Municipal Administrative Committee, "the waste oil which went?" Responsible person replied that all districts of Beijing have built a waste oil treatment plant, the annual recycling of waste oil 100,000 tons, there are 700,000 tons through Market - oriented channel processing. Xi Jinping asked: "did not go to Mala Tang," the official said, in this regard has been strengthened management and control measures, and more stringent.
    November 1, 2014, Fujian New World Technology Group
    In Fujian during the study, Xi Jinping came to work in Fujian, he was concerned about the Fujian New World Technology Group. Xi Jinping asked to detect, trace food safety fast detector, mobile payment system performance. He asked with concern: "The farmers market has it?"
    June 17, 2015, a small supermarket in Zunyi
    Xi Jinping car from Zunyi to visit Guiyang. In a long service area of a small supermarket, Xi Jinping in the food area picked up a bag of "Sha Qi Ma", asked the waiter shelf life. Waiter saw the production date that is produced in February 2015, the shelf life of 10 months. There are two food stalls outside the supermarket, Xi Jinping and went over, pointing to yellow rice cake, duck neck, a serious understanding of the situation.
    Xi Jinping on why to defend the "tongue on the security"
    Food safety Social concern is high, low public opinion, once the problem, it is easy to cause public panic, and even lead to mass incidents. Coupled with some of the events are excessive speculation in public opinion, not only hit an industry, but also makes the people eat are not assured.
    - December 23 to 24, 2013, Xi Jinping said at the Central Rural Work Conference
    Strengthen food safety supervision, more than 1.3 billion people across the country, "the tongue on the security", the relationship between the broad masses of the people's health and safety. Strict standards, strict supervision, severe punishment, serious accountability, party committees and governments at all levels should be as a major political task. Strictly guard against the source, the process of strict control, risk control, improve the food and drug safety regulatory system, strengthen the unity and authority. To meet the general needs of starting to promote the restaurant industry to improve the safety and quality.
    - December 21, 2016, Xi Jinping in the central finance and economic leading group at the fourteenth meeting said
    To enhance food safety, the relationship between China's more than 1.3 billion people's health and safety, we must grasp the tight and tight. These years, the party and the government under great efforts to grasp food safety, food security situation continues to improve, but there are still many problems, the people still have a lot of expectations, we must redouble their efforts to do the work to do fine to ensure that the people "tongue On the security.
    On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2017, Xi Jinping made important instructions on food safety
    Xi Jinping on how to defend the "tongue on the security"
    1. The source should grasp well
    The source of food safety in agricultural products, basic in agriculture, must be rooted in the Qingyuan, first of all, the quality of agricultural products do a good job. With the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, to ensure that the broad masses of the people "tongue on the security."
    - December 23 to 24, 2013, Xi Jinping said at the Central Rural Work Conference
    2. Supervision must be strict
    Food safety, but also "tube" out, to form the whole process from the field to the table from the regulatory system, the establishment of more stringent food safety supervision responsibility and accountability system, so that power and responsibility closely linked. To vigorously cultivate food brands, with the brand to ensure that people's confidence in product quality.
    - December 23 to 24, 2013, Xi Jinping said at the Central Rural Work Conference
    To effectively improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, with greater efforts to do a good job of agricultural product quality and safety, improve the quality and safety of agricultural products regulatory system, to ensure quality and safety as a way to transfer agriculture, adjusting the structure of the key link, so that the people eat safe and secure. To strengthen food and drug safety supervision, with the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe penalties, the most serious accountability, speed up the establishment of scientific and sound food and drug safety management system, adhere to both equally, strictly from farmland To the table, from the laboratory to the hospital every line of defense.
    - - May 29, 2015, Xi Jinping in the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of the 23rd collective learning
    To ensure food safety is the people's livelihood projects, people's works, is the party committees at all levels, the government incumbent. In recent years, the relevant departments have done a lot of work, and achieved positive results. At present, China's food security situation is still grim, the people eagerly eager to eat more at ease, eat more healthy. 2016 is the "thirteen five" first year, to firmly establish the concept of people-centered development, adhere to the same party and government responsibility, tackling the problem, strengthen coordination, accelerate the improvement of unified authority of the regulatory system and the implementation of the "four Most stringent "requirements, and earnestly safeguard the people" the safety of the tongue. "
    On January 28, 2016, Xi Jinping made important instructions on food safety
    Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments should do a good job in food safety in an all-round way, adhere to the most stringent standards, strictest supervision, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability, enhance food safety supervision uniformity and professionalism, Food safety supervision level and ability. To strengthen food safety management according to law, strengthen grassroots basic work, the construction of professional inspectors team, improve the quality and safety of food and beverage industry, strengthen the "farm to table" the whole process of food safety, prevent, strict control, strict control of food safety risks, Ensure that the broad masses of people eat at ease, peace of mind.
    On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2017, Xi Jinping made important instructions on food safety
    3. Law to escort
    To implement the food safety law, improve the food safety system, strengthen food safety supervision, strict from farm to table every line of defense. We should firmly establish the concept of safe development, improve the public safety system, and strive to reduce the public safety incidents on people's lives and health threats.
    August 20, 2016, Xi Jinping at the National Health and Health Conference said
    Background information
    October 1, 2016 implementation of the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" is known as the "history of the most stringent," which has eight bright spots constitute the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to defend the people "tongue security" institutionalized protection. Third-party platform to be responsible for online shopping for food; related personnel to bear joint and several liability; special food supervision more stringent; fruits and vegetables, such as the ban on highly toxic pesticides highly toxic; third-party platform to be responsible for online shopping; Wholesale markets to be spot checks of agricultural products; increase penalties for violations.
Food safety is no small matter, listen to Premier Li Keqiang how to say?
    Spring Festival approaching, do the New Year into the countdown, thousands of households in the procurement for the food. In particular, we have sorted out the requirements of Premier Li Keqiang on food safety and how the Prime Minister protects the public on the safety of his tongue.
    Food safety, it can be said to be a big thing, is directly related to people's quality of life and good health. The government should be fake and shoddy foods and resolutely investigate and handle, and let the criminals to pay a high price. Whether the pollution situation, food problem, or the effect of governance and disposal, should be open and transparent, so that the public, the media can be fully effective supervision, which is to create a Forced mechanism to harden business and government responsibilities, Enhance people's own sense of protection.
    - On March 17, 2013, Li Keqiang met at the Great Hall of the People with reporters from China and abroad to answer a reporter's question.
    The government should strictly supervise and create a fair competition environment, so that enterprises in the competition in a fair and healthy development. If those who violate the rules have not been due to punishment, which hit the integrity of law-abiding, pay attention to quality, efficiency-oriented enterprises, will result in "bad money out of good money." Therefore, the government must make those who violate fair competition be punished. Especially in the field of food safety business, let the lawless elements to pay "can not afford the price"!
    - July 25, 2014, held in Jinan, Shandong, part of the new registration of the person in charge of the forum, Li Keqiang pointed out
    Food Safety Relations Everyone's physical health and safety, eat at ease, eat safe is the voice of the masses, is the basic requirement of building a moderately prosperous society. To implement the new food safety law as an opportunity to innovate work ideas and mechanisms to speed up the establishment and strengthening of the most stringent coverage of production, circulation, consumption of all aspects of the regulatory system, improve the regulatory system, the full implementation of business, government and social responsibility. To the grass-roots-based battlefield to strengthen supervision and law enforcement capacity and capacity-building to "zero tolerance" initiatives to punish food safety crimes, with sustained efforts to ensure that the "tongue on the security."
    - June 11, 2015, Li Keqiang in the country to strengthen food safety television and telephone conference to make important instructions
    The government at all levels must adhere to the supremacy of the interests of the people, give full play to the unified leadership of the Food Safety Commission, coordinate the role of the spirit of reform and the rule of law thinking, firmly implement the strategy of food safety, accelerate the sound from the central to local authority to the grassroots level regulatory system, Strict supervision from the farm to the table of each line of defense, illegal acts of zero tolerance, a quick hand, under the heavy fist, and effectively protect the people's health and safety.
    - January 20, 2016, Li Keqiang made important instructions on food safety
    Especially the crackdown on illegal acts and crimes in the areas of food and drug, public security, etc., and severely punish relevant dereliction of duty and corruption and ensure the health and safety of the masses of the people. At the same time, we should promptly publish relevant information and respond to social concerns.
    - March 20, 2016, Li Keqiang at the Fourth Session of the State Council, said the work of the Independent Commission Against Corruption
    The new year, in the face of the complex and severe food safety situation, we must conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision-making arrangements, the protection of food safety in a more prominent position, improve food safety regulatory system and vigorously implement the food safety strategy. We must give full play to the unified leadership of the Food Safety Commission, the comprehensive coordination role of the Food Safety and Security Office, insist on the control at the source, equal emphasis on production and management, reinforce the responsibilities in all aspects and all aspects, and strive to improve the efficiency of supervision and management. "Table pollution" to promote food safety situation continues to improve, and continuously improve the people's satisfaction and a sense of access.
    - In January 2017, Li Keqiang made important instructions on food safety