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Vinegar treatment is not omnipotent, daily vinegar 6 errorsUpdated:2017-01-22    Click:
"Vinegar therapy," said the "wind", with a lot of vinegar-based therapeutic prescription, and some claims to cure allergy, and some say to eat on the spirit of a variety of vinegar-related health products are flooding the market . Small vinegar, really have such a magical effect?
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Vinegar therapy is not a panacea
Vinegar as a traditional fermented food, containing amino acids, organic acids, vitamins and mineral elements such as nutrients, moderate consumption beneficial to the human body. Vinegar is a good seasoning, usually will recommend patients to eat less salt with vinegar to taste, so to protect the B vitamins and vitamin C is not destroyed, but also promote the body's absorption and utilization of iron. Reasonable "vinegar therapy" helps digestion and increase appetite. But the following vinegar treatment effect has been exaggerated.
1,60 days away from high blood pressure pure nonsense
There are a lot of online treatment of blood pressure on vinegar to reduce the magic of the argument: "Qiao jealous, 60 days away from high blood pressure" to spread very widely. In this regard, experts say, diet can help hypertensive diet vinegar in the diet by reducing salt, really beneficial to vascular health. Studies have found that every day to drink a spoonful of vinegar to stimulate the body's blood vessel cells secrete nitric oxide, to a certain extent, expand the blood vessels. However, high blood pressure caused by a lot of reasons, like a simple "vinegar therapy" to control blood pressure in the ideal range of more difficult, feel effective, more likely to be a placebo effect. Online speculation of the vinegar will be able to "soften the blood vessels," to promote a single stop by antihypertensive drugs alone, dozens of days alone drink vinegar "treatment" is likely to lead to fluctuations in blood pressure.
2, drink vinegar hypoglycemic unscientific
Friends of a similar article in the circle: "diabetes, gynecological diseases, Alzheimer's disease and other 39 kinds of diseases get all" "Health will own brew." To diabetes, for example, some people saw such a powerful vinegar treatment, direct hypoglycemic agents do not eat, and every day wanted to rely on vinegar to lower blood sugar or lose weight. Although vinegar has a certain role in reducing postprandial blood glucose, but studies have found that this effect is limited to and high blood sugar index foods (white bread, white bread, white rice, etc.) with food, if the food is low glycemic index foods (such as oats , Coarse grains, etc.), the effect is not obvious.
3, vinegar can not give intestinal sterilization
Although the vinegar to a certain extent, can give food sterilization, such as sugar garlic in vinegar can be long-term preservation, but our daily intake of intake is insufficient to achieve the effect of intestinal disinfection to the human body, can not prevent bacterial food poisoning . "Vinegar can be beauty," "vinegar is alkaline, can change the acidic constitution", these claims are only hearsay, there is no exact scientific basis. In terms of physique, modern medicine, there is no "acidic", "alkaline constitution" argument, normal human pH (pH) in the human body under the regulation of the three major regulatory system will be stable between 7.35 ~ 7.45 , And will not change because of eating a certain food.
4, vinegar recipe nutritional supplements
For example, "vinegar bubble shell can calcium," the first eat this is not safe, the eggshell may contain heavy metals or salmonella contamination; second calcium effect is far better than drinking milk. For the vinegar soak black beans, peanuts, soybeans and other eat, the high key that if the preference for this taste is no problem, but they can not lightly have a magical effect on chronic diseases, but can not be used to replace the regular treatment and normal diet.
5, vinegar is not everyone can drink
Vinegar treatment of all Safe? Fact is not the case, too much stomach acid or stomach to pay special attention to people, directly to drink vinegar will stimulate the stomach. Diabetic patients do not drink a high sugar content of health care vinegar, vinegar; medication should also be careful vinegar treatment, so as not to affect the efficacy.
6, vinegar beverages can not be health
Drink vinegar vinegar every day, the equivalent of health care vinegar? Vinegar vinegar is just the word dip of the "light", its essence is a drink. Brewing vinegar prices are not high, many businesses on the basis of a small amount of ordinary vinegar to join other ingredients such as jujube, longan, hawthorn, or add fruit juice, edible sweeteners and other ingredients made of vinegar beverages, such as apple vinegar , Pear vinegar to fry "concept vinegar", raise prices. In fact, this kind of vinegar beverages have been no traditional brewing vinegar ingredients and nutrition. If you claim to be health care vinegar, you should obtain health care lot number.
When buying vinegar, we should pay attention to see the label, the proposed selection brewing vinegar (that is, grain, bran, beans, etc. as the main raw material, the fermentation process brewing), so as to the vinegar nutrition to eat, try not to Selection of vinegar and blending vinegar (brewing vinegar and diluted edible acetic acid mixed with the preparation of the seasoning vinegar). In general, the implementation of the standard is GB18187 is brewing vinegar; SB / T10337 is the preparation of vinegar; and if marked as "Q /" at the beginning, may be based on vinegar as the main raw material, adding other ingredients products.