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6 kinds of soy sauce how to eat more nutrition?Updated:2017-01-22    Click:
Soy sauce, this seasoning is the most common kitchen, everyone will not unfamiliar. Now, more and more types of soy sauce, respectively, what will be unique? Here, we come to the specific description of what the six types of soy sauce are, come and understand it.
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6 types of soy sauce
Soya: soy sauce "pumping" means extraction, soybeans or black beans, flour as the main raw material, the natural sun drying, fermentation. Sauce is reddish-brown, taste salty, rich in soy sauce, because of color light, so much for seasoning, homemade cooking or cold dishes is the best partner.
Soy sauce: soy sauce is a soy sauce of the "sublimation version", on the basis of soy sauce to add caramel, made by a special process of concentrated color soy sauce, brown, darker colors, can give meat food color, is All kinds of Luzhou fragrant dishes tasty ideal helper. Sauce with a slightly sweet flavor, strong flavor, especially to do braised dishes or simmered boiled, lo mei, the appropriate to join the soy sauce, grams of color to mention fresh. Note that, when cooking, let the dishes look "good-looking", need to be put into the early pumping, but not too early, otherwise it will reduce the nutritional value of soy sauce, to grasp the "degree."
Common soy sauce: ordinary soy sauce and soy sauce of the brewing process is similar to most of the northern region of standing soy sauce types. Because the northerners taste heavier, so ordinary soy sauce than soy sauce color heavy, more salty taste, sauce flavor is also more rich, but compared with the soy sauce and slightly inferior, so ordinary soy sauce is between soy sauce and soy sauce Of a comprehensive soy sauce. For burning, stewing, fried a variety of northern dishes.
Steamed Soy Sauce: Steamed Soy Sauce is a kind of soy sauce usually used for steaming fish. It is made from raw soy sauce, which is boiled with various seasonings, such as soy sauce, rock candy, flower wine and so on. Than the ordinary savory taste delicious back to sweet, with seafood, fresh seafood dishes and Guangdong's Changfen, can play a very good fresh effect.
Soy sauce: Soy sauce used ordinary brewing soy sauce, add salt, yellow sugar, pepper and other seasonings, made by refining after processing. Because of which contains a certain amount of starchy ingredients, so thick, such as cream, mostly brownish-black color, similar to oyster sauce. For braised, stir-fried dishes, but also directly with food as dipping sauce consumption.
Japan soy sauce: soy sauce and soybeans to soybeans and wheat fermentation, which contains no caramel and other additives, but contains a small amount of alcohol, so the taste is unique, and ordinary soy sauce taste very different, is the best partner dishes, Such as South Korea's seaweed bag rice, stone pot bibimbap and so on.
So, the nutritional value of soy sauce and eat what is it?
The nutritional value of soy sauce
Increase appetite: cooking food by adding a certain amount of soy sauce, can increase the food flavor, and make it more beautiful color, thereby enhancing appetite.
Anti-cancer: soy sauce is the main raw material of soybeans, soy and its products are rich in selenium and other minerals and anti-cancer effect.
Reduce cholesterol: soy sauce contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, can reduce cholesterol, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and can reduce the free radical damage to the human body.
Anti-itching swelling: soy sauce can be used for water, fire burns and bees, mosquitoes and other insect stings, and can itching swelling.
Soy sauce edible method
It is best to add soy sauce in the pan before the pan, a little fried after the pan, because the soy sauce is rich in amino acids, so to avoid the pot of high temperature damage to amino acids, the nutritional value of the damage, and soy sauce is not sugar Coking will become sour.
To effectively prevent the mildew of soy sauce mold, you can use a few drops of soy sauce to the oil, put a few flap peeled garlic or a few drops of liquor and other methods.
Cooking soy sauce Do not use as a table salad.
There are many types of soy sauce, according to the actual needs to choose.