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46 kinds of kitchen common seasoning usage Daquan!Updated:2017-01-21    Click:
Salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, sugar, brown sugar, pepper, pepper, pepper, star anise, geraniol, tomato sauce, lobster sauce, bean paste, tomato sauce & tomato sauce, sauerkraut , Cinnamon, black pepper & white pepper, cumin, cumin, allspice, curry, tofu, pepper, pickled pepper, starch, monosodium glutamate, chicken, oyster sauce and other 46 kinds of seasoning scientific use, Fun these bottles Can, cooking is not difficult!
1, salt
When cooking salt must be put late. To achieve the same salty, late salt than salt put salt less. If the earlier salt, the salt has been deep within the food, in the same sense of salinity under the unknowingly ingested more salt, the health disadvantage.
In addition to salt there are many magical effects, such as: cleaning cups, light salt water soaked fruits and vegetables can be sterilized and so on.
2, soy sauce
The old pick up the role of fresh color, especially to do stew cooked dishes or stew, lo mei.
Raw soy sauce for seasoning, suitable for cold dishes, the color is not heavy, it is refreshing.
The difference between soy sauce and soy sauce can be poured into a white porcelain saucepan shaking the color of the plate, soy sauce is reddish-brown, the concentration of dilute; and soy sauce is brown and shiny, thick concentration.
3, vinegar
1) solution fishy: in cooking fish can join a little vinegar, can destroy fishy;
2) cured smell of mutton: when adding a small amount of vinegar in mutton, can lift sheep mutton gas;
3) reduced spicy: in cooking dishes such as a sense of spicy can add a little vinegar, spicy that is reduced;
4) Tim: in the cooking dishes, add a little vinegar can reduce the greasy food to increase flavor;
5) cited sweet: sweet porridge in the cook add a little vinegar can make the porridge more sweet;
6) ripening: in the stew and beef, kelp, potatoes, add a little vinegar can make it easy to easily cooked rotten;
7) anti-black: fried eggplant add a little vinegar can make the eggplant stewed the same color black;
8) anti-corrosion: immersion in the raw fish add a little vinegar to prevent its spoilage;
In addition, vinegar in daily life can also play a skin care, hair care, armor, nail, eliminate fatigue, prevent colds, odor removal and so on. 75 kinds of magical vinegar
Identification: buy depends on the list of ingredients, choose brewing vinegar, do not choose to harm the health of vinegar or other industrial vinegar blending of vinegar.
Fermented mature vinegar taste more memorable, blending vinegar taste more sharp, sour pungent. A bottle of about 500ml of vinegar is about the price of vinegar blending 2 to 3 times.
4, alcohol
Cooking wine, pickled meat, add wine can go fishy, fried eggs, add a little cooking wine in the egg can go to fishy Titian.
Liquor can be used in the production of preserved meats or stewed meat, the production of pickles when adding some white wine can be bactericidal Tim incense.
Also cooking sometimes use red wine, beer and so on.
5, sauce category
Sweet bean paste is made of flour, water, salt as raw materials, a sauce. In addition to direct dipping, you can also use as seasoning, such as: Beijing sauce pork, sauce, and so on. When used as a sauce, it is better to use it with miso.
Douban to beans as the main raw material preparation, salty flavor-based. Is the common taste of Sichuan commonly used spices, such as twice-cooked pork, Mapo tofu, boiled fish, spicy hot pot.
Lobster sauce is soybeans or black beans soaked steamed (boiled) cooked, fermented foods, a special flavor for the production of "Soy sauce pork ribs," "fried bean curd," and so on. Douchi home cooking Daquan
Tomato sauce is a fresh tomato sauce concentrated products, without seasoning, generally do not eat directly. Commonly used as fish, meat and other food cooking condiments, can enrich, add acid, to help fresh. Such as sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork ribs, pot package of meat, pizza and so on.
Tomato sauce is tomato sauce with sugar, salt in the salad oil fried, tomato sauce has a variety of flavors, suitable for direct dipping food. Such as dipped in fries.
Simply put: tomato sauce is pure tomato, tomato sauce and tomato sauce is made after the seasoning. Tomato sauce can be eaten directly, while tomato sauce must be cooked. Tomato sauce lycopene content is much higher than tomato sauce.
Sesame Sauce Sauce, is a kind of sesame ground into powder and modulation of the sauce. Can be eaten directly or as a cold seasoning. Commonly used in sesame spinach, sesame noodles, Mala Tang or hot pot of the dip.
Salad dressing market Thousand Island sauce, mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, etc., can be purchased according to taste. You can mix salad, making sandwiches and so on.
6, carbohydrates
Sugar is refined sugar made from sugar cane or sugar beet. Sugar cane as raw material called sugar, beet as raw material called cotton sugar.
Brown sugar raw materials for sugar cane, although more impurities, but the nutrients remain good. With Qi, slow, help the spleen of food, blood stasis and other effects.
Rock sugar in the production of braised dishes using crystal sugar will make dishes more bright colors, in addition to the use of rock sugar brewed tea or making desserts, there Buzhongyiqi, and stomach lungs, cough and phlegm.
Sour in the production of sour soup soups, add a small amount of sugar, you can particularly delicious. Such as vinegar dishes, hot and sour soup, pickled fish and so on. Otherwise, the finished product is oligoacidic disadvantageous mouth.
The main seasoning is sugar and vinegar, appetizers and delicious, such as sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour loin, sweet and sour pork ribs, sweet and sour eggplant and so on.
Roast sugar into the wok, add a small amount of clear oil and water, boil until the saccharification of water, the paste into the deep-fried dishes, wrapped evenly, pan, put the oil over the plate, hot clip food, you can Roasted gold thread to wire, such as Roberts apple, Roberts banana, Roberts sweet potatoes and so on.
Frosted sugar into the wok, add the right amount of water, boil water until dry, into the baked or fried raw materials, from the fire, turn mixing, cooling, the finished surface that is white frost-like. Such as frosting peanuts, sugar hawthorn, icing sugar walnut.
Fried sugar color is widely used in Lucai, stewed vegetables palette, such as braised trotters, braised pork ribs and so on.
Honey roasted chicken wings, toast often brush on the surface, increasing color and flavor. Honey water temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees, inside the enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be destroyed by high temperature.
7, spices category
Dry pepper Sichuan, Guizhou, Hunan and other places important spices. When the oil heat and onion ginger together with the pot fragrant, general home cooking can be used. Spicy pot a lot of use,
Can be ground into the hot pepper, oil, hot water poured into the chili pepper oil, commonly used in cold dishes, noodles and so on.
Pepper & Pepper
Pepper stir-fry when the oil can be placed inside the oil after oil to prevent oil boiling, increase the flavor of vegetables. Pepper can be fried in a hot pot inside after ground into pepper, in the cooking or buns and dumplings stuffing when seasoning.
Pepper color light, dry brownish brown; pepper color heavy, partial brown-red. Ma Pepper taste than pepper weight, especially Ma. Sichuan in the possession of a large position Ma pepper.
Life Magical: the pepper into a small bag inside the food and food into the corner of the kitchen, you can get rid of pest control to prevent insects, and to prevent the role of odor.
Anise (aniseed), also known as anise, so regardless of halogen, sauce, burning, stewing, can be used to it to add fishy fragrance.
Regardless of cooking, stew, pickles, star anise must be put in advance. A dish generally put three, more than the weight can put a whole flower.
Black Pepper & White Pepper
There are two kinds of powder and the original sale of granules, the original pepper pepper grinder after grinding with the use of powder than the rich flavor.
In general, black pepper for stew, fried, grilled meat. Can be achieved in Hong with spicy, delicious Xingwei effect.
White pepper and more soup Pepper flavor slightly lighter, spicy thicker, can make fresh flavor.
It should be noted that, regardless of black pepper, white pepper are not high-temperature fried, should be in the dishes or soup is about to add a little pot.
Geraniol is dried after the laurel leaves, used to fishy Tim, for stew and so on.
Cinnamon is the dried bark of laurel, used to go fishy Tim for the stew and so on.
Fennel used to fishy, for stew and so on. The stems and leaves part of the fennel.
Cumin Ziran also known as fennel, eliminate the strong smell of fish smell smell, but also lift the greasy meat, commonly used in barbecue beef and mutton, the meat is more delicious aroma. Cumin is also the preparation of curry powder one of the main raw materials.
Spiced powder pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, cloves and other aromatic spices from mixed development, easy to use. Especially suitable for baking or quick fried meat, stew, simmered, simmer, steamed, boiled dishes for seasoning.
(Such as coriander seeds, cinnamon, pepper, white pepper, cumin, star anise, cumin, etc.) prepared from the complex seasoning. Its taste spicy with sweet, with a special aroma.
Mainly used for cooking beef and mutton, chickens, ducks, crabs, potatoes, cauliflower, soup and so on.
Curry powder for quick speculation, such as: curry fried rice, curry beef; curry block suitable for curry chicken, curry fish.
8, pickled class
Fermented bean curd: also known as fermented bean curd, is soybeans, rice wine, sorghum, red yeast and other raw materials made of mixed. Different flavors of tofu around the meal, to serve, cooking.
Chopped chili: Hunan specialty, made from fresh pepper marinated. Is the production of "Duojiao head" and other important materials.
Pickle: Sichuan specialty, made from fresh pepper pickled. Is the production of "fish-flavored pork," "Pickle Bullfrog" and other dishes important material.
9, starch
There are potato starch, corn starch, mung bean starch, wheat starch, sweet potato starch.
Starch can be used for thickening, hanging paste and sizing.
Cut raw materials in the pot before the surface to hang a layer of paste or paste like protective film, this process is called sizing or hanging paste (thin paste, thick paste).
Sauce used for fried; such as fish-flavored pork, skated shrimp, slippery chicken pot, slippery beef.
Hanging paste used for frying, such as: dry fried fillet, dry small fry croaker and so on.
Role: to maintain the raw materials in the water and flavor, not broken not bad, reduce nutrient loss.
Thicken commonly known as "against the juice", mung bean starch the best, followed by potato starch, sweet potato starch Minato live, corn starch the most times. Starch a little, open with cold water, into the boiling soup, or fried dishes can be good.
Thicken the dishes can be uniform juice, so that soup fusion, delicious tasty. Generally should be cooked in nine dishes when. Such as mushroom rape, egg soup, hot and sour soup.
Thicken can reduce the loss of food nutrition, hook off gravy for people who have food to eat.
In addition, some vegetables are not thicken, the taste of fresh vegetables (such as fried bean sprouts), containing more collagen dishes (such as braised tendons), to be added to the sauce, sugar dishes (such as sauce fish) More vegetables (such as fried potatoes silk) and so on.
10, to mention fresh category
Monosodium glutamate fresh effect is significant, but more food is useless to health, in recent years, mostly with chicken instead.
Chicken Chicken is not extracted from the chicken, it is in the MSG on the basis of adding chemical spices made of.
The use of skills There are natural scent of meat, do not put MSG or chicken, vegetarian, vegetarian soups can put some less fresh.
Note: ① soup cooked dishes do not have to use; ② strong acid dishes, such as sweet and sour, vinegar and other vegetables should not be used; ③ pickles do not use MSG; ④ should not be too early to put MSG, ; ⑤ if not do soup, you should first dissolve and then use.
Oyster sauce - popular in recent years, suitable for cooking a variety of ingredients, such as oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, etc., but also mix a variety of pasta, rinse seafood, table food and so on.
11, oils and fats
Vegetable oil (rapeseed oil) is not suitable for cold dishes. Is to do the most suitable oil spicy oil, salad oil, oil and the like to reconcile the kind of flavor to the excitement.
Peanut oil peanut oil composition of fatty acids is relatively good, easy to digest and absorb the human body.
Sunflower oil is rich in carotene, content than peanut oil, sesame oil and soybean oil are more popular in recent years.
Corn oil is the best choice of non-GM corn germ oil, high-quality corn oil rich in nutrient content.
Soybean oil Soybean oil in four grades, one of the best, four of the worst. Try to choose non-genetically modified soybean oil.
Olive oil is considered to be the best oil found in human nutrition. When cooking fumes rarely, but easy to destroy high-temperature nutrition, so in order to maximize the nutrition or salad is better.
Animal oil
Animal oil is animal fat, represented by lard, containing more saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Too much food can cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, adverse to the human body.
But the animal oil taste more fragrant, with the promotion of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and other absorption. Chicken oil to do with green onion cake, than vegetable oil to do a lot of incense.
CAUTION Do not overheat any oil during cooking. Different vegetable oils with the use of nutrients conducive to the absorption.