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The best time to put flavoring you know?Updated:2017-01-21    Click:
Often out of the kitchen will know that you want to make delicious food, will use a variety of spices, it can not only taste, and some can play a certain health effects. However, the seasoning into the time is also pay attention to Oh!
The best time to put flavoring you know?
MSG: put the pot after the release
The main role of MSG is to plant food to increase flavor, to increase the fragrance of meat. However, when the food temperature reaches 120 ℃ or more, monosodium glutamate will become coking sodium glutamate, loss of flavor. Therefore, monosodium glutamate in 70 ℃ -90 ℃ when using the best, usually put in the dish immediately after the release. But there is one thing to note is that some dishes do not need to add MSG in cooking, such as eggs, mushrooms, seafood and so on.
Sugar: cooking process put
Sugar can increase the sweetness of vegetables, but also inhibit sour taste, ease spicy, can be described as a lot of efficacy. In addition, to be hot frying pan after the fried sugar into the purple when the ingredients together with stir fry, but also to the food color. However, sugar can not be put too early, the best place in the cooking process.
Vinegar: "two" plus
Vinegar can not only remove the smell of mutton, in addition to fishy, tired solution, by fragrant, soften the vegetable fiber, but also to avoid the high temperature of raw materials in the destruction of vitamins. The best time to cook vinegar in the "two", and some dishes, such as fried bean sprouts, raw materials immediately after the wok vinegar, can protect the raw materials of vitamins, while softening the fiber in vegetables; but some dishes, such as Sweet and sour pork ribs, green onions burst mutton, raw materials, add a vinegar after wok, and its role is cured mutan, in addition to fishy, in the pot before the pan plus one, to relieve tired, fragrant, seasoning.
Soy sauce: put before the pan
Soy sauce can give food color, but also increase the food flavor, thereby increasing appetite. But nutritionists recommend that the final release when cooking soy sauce, soy sauce so that the amino acids and nutrients can be effectively retained.
Cooking wine: the highest temperature when the pot put
Cooking wine mainly to the role of smell of fishy smell, thereby increasing the aroma of vegetables. It is different from MSG, usually in the pot when the temperature is highest, because the smell of material can be dissolved and ethanol evaporate together. But it is also often used for pickling before cooking, so that alcohol immersed in fish, meat fiber tissue to go to remove the odor.