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Chinese New Year Diet Top Ten Attention New Year Diet Health CodeUpdated:2017-01-21    Click:
1, light and less greasy
Excessive "adequate" nutrition obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases in the population significantly increased the incidence. Holiday activities than at work less, people often sleep a "Lanjue", a few days long and several kilograms of body weight is a common problem. Therefore, the best attention to adjust their diet, should be lighter than usual, reduce the accumulation of fat.

2, vegetables wins medicine
Festive table dishes rich, Dayton can not fish meat Hunxing. However, people often feel tired and tired, flatulence. At this time, less sticky Hunxing, eat more vegetables, can lift the physical crisis. Fresh vegetables is an alkaline food, not only rich in cellulose, can be dissolved greasy, to maintain normal gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, but also in the body and excess acidic substances to maintain the body's metabolic needs.

3, fruit essential
Festive diet messy, more easy to get angry, constipation, eat more fruit, can play a very good heat, detoxification, Runchang effect, but also regulate and improve the body's metabolic function, prevention of various diseases and improve health . However, the fruit and vegetables digestion time and process are different, should be eaten separately, or fruit in a large number of enzymes, will make vegetable cellulose rot, can not be gastrointestinal absorption.
During the Spring Festival, in this grand festival to eat, drink, play, music, for health and happiness counterparts, the Spring Festival 7 to arrange a reasonable daily life, to ensure that physical and mental health.

4, the staple food can not forget
During the Spring Festival, people are mostly used to eat more, eat or even eat the staple food, it is not desirable. Food is the main source of carbohydrates, it is involved in fat, protein metabolism process, so that complete oxidation, reduce the generation of toxic substances, but also for the human body to provide dietary fiber. Therefore, while tasting delicious, should avoid an unlimited amount of food, will be part of the appetite left to the staple food.

5, would rather eat one
Dinner feast is often very rich, rich dishes and each other so that people often make cloth appetite and "eat support", resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort or even the occurrence of digestive diseases. Small to indigestion "diarrhea", hiccup bloating, "anti-acid water", large to life-threatening acute pancreatitis. The best prevention is self-restraint.

6, drinking should be limited
Drinking should be limited, holiday drinking should also follow this principle. Excessive alcohol can cause liver, brain, nervous system and digestive system damage, at the same time, drinking social harm is also very prominent: drunk driving caused by traffic accidents, law and order accidents.
7, pay attention to food hygiene
Food hygiene is very important, this is the most important point to avoid food poisoning. The best food is to do is to eat now, choose fresh food raw materials, food is not placed immediately. Special attention is: not the fresh cooked meat and cold meat dishes do not eat cold; store the food stored in the refrigerator to be completely heated after eating; raw vegetables must be washed; processed food process must adhere to the raw and cooked separately .

8, on time to eat Mo fun
Also note that the New Year's diet is the point by time, do not play and sleep because the regular diet disrupting the law, so that the digestive function of the gastrointestinal discomfort caused by the disorder. Every holiday and holiday just spent, there are some people indigestion, physical and mental fatigue, but off the wrong holiday. Which a considerable number of people is due to improper diet caused.

9, be careful of some salt and more seeds
Seeds are one of the New Year's snacks, fried soy seeds, fried sunflower seeds, etc., more salt, heat is also high, it is recommended you fried pumpkin seeds to replace, healthy, lower blood pressure, but also moderate food.

10, carefully save the remaining dishes
Eat food, to a refrigerator plug, the most convenient, however. When storing leftovers, do not put it in aluminum containers or pot, because the chemical nature of aluminum is very active in the air easily oxidized, the surface of the alumina film. Alumina film insoluble in water, but can be dissolved in acidic or alkaline solution, salt can also damage the alumina, salty dishes or soups long-term storage in aluminum containers, will produce chemical changes, the formation of aluminum compounds , The body has a negative impact.