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MSG rumors, you caught it?Updated:2016-11-26    Click:
Gourmet powder is an indispensable condiment in daily cooking. However, in recent years, in the circle of friends in WeChat, MSG eat more will cause cancer, MSG eat more will cause silly, MSG eat more can lead to hair loss and so on, so many people's nerves again taut. Monosodium glutamate, this has been an indispensable condiment on the table has been more and more families are left out in the cold. Daily life, monosodium glutamate can not eat? How should eat? Reporter recently conducted an interview.
More than half of consumers have resistance to MSG
According to CCTV, a survey shows that more than half of consumers have resistance to msg. Most consumers said that because of MSG containing carcinogens, can be asked to be what kind of carcinogens, consumers can not answer, then what is the msg to do it?
According to experts, the Nutrition Department of TCM Hospital of Hainan province Fu Guangxiong introduction, the main component of MSG is monosodium glutamate, with grain as raw material, by microbial fermentation, extracting and refining products. There is a specific amino acid receptor of human taste organs, so when people eat MSG is after stimulation of amino acid receptors located in the tongue taste buds, can make people feel delicious flavor, so that MSG play a role in increasing appetite, and induced secretion of digestive juice, promoting digestion and absorption of food.
Monosodium glutamate into the gut to be absorbed and decomposed into glutamate, is one of the amino acids needed by the body to participate in the formation and repair of the body tissue, to participate in a variety of important physiological functions. Among them, involved in glucose metabolism and detoxification of the liver in the liver, reduce the concentration of toxic ammonia in the blood; in the protein and sugar metabolism in the brain, can improve brain and neural function to some extent.
Therefore, MSG is certain benefits to human health, some fruits and vegetables also contain MSG, natural, such as Grape Juice, tomato sauce, peas, have zero a few percent of sodium glutamate. Now, the international food and agriculture and Health Organization has listed MSG as a recommended food additive.
The study did not prove that MSG can produce harm
WeChat, a lot of people say that the home never eat MSG, eat MSG hair loss, etc.. Others say MSG is made of chemical methods, eating unhealthy. Even some processed foods also put "No MSG" as a selling point. MSG is really harmful to the human body?
Fu Guangxiong said, many studies on the safety of monosodium glutamate, but it has not been shown to cause harm, especially in 1999 China Fermentation Industry Association commissioned the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese of drugs in rats of MSG, respectively for 100 times, the amount of human 50 times, 25 times, found no adverse reactions, the experimental results fully that eating MSG is safe.
So, in the Chinese, Japanese style cooking, MSG will not be safe? The International Committee on food additives, the nineteenth session of the committee meeting concluded 20 years of scientific research, in 1988 after a conclusion, the use of monosodium glutamate (commonly known as MSG) is completely safe and reliable.
For some articles on the Internet, said to eat MSG out of hair, allergic rhinitis, skin disease, and even high blood pressure, etc.. Almost all of the food in people's daily consumption of glutamic acid, if there is such a allergic population, and that almost all of the food can not eat. So, whether MSG, chicken essence, cause allergies or the possibility of the risk is almost non-existent.
(source: Hainan daily)