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Quality Inspection Administration held the "13th Five-Year" quality brand promotion planning expert reviewUpdated:2016-11-22    Click:
November 14th, quality inspection administration held in Beijing "quality inspection administration of quality brand" 13th Five-Year plan "(review draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the review draft) expert review meeting. The meeting set up by the State Department counselor Zhang Gang as the assessment team leader, carefully reviewed the planning text and related information, listened to the report of the drafting group planning. After full discussion and consideration, the panel agreed to review the draft through the review.
Group of experts believe that the quality of the brand embodies the competitiveness of enterprises and the overall strength of the country. Prepare quality inspection administration of quality brand "13th Five-Year" planning the next 5 years, depicting good quality brand blueprint for the development of key work layout and arrangement quality brand promotion, continued to deepen reform and promote quality inspection, quality inspection institutions to further implement the scientific development, grasp the quality, safety, and promote the development of strong, quality inspection work, improve the quality of the brand the level of our country, to build a well-off society to provide the quality of security, has very important significance.
Group of experts said that the review draft in the full investigation and study and solicit opinions on the basis of the development of infrastructure and environment to improve the quality of the brand in 13th Five-Year "period made the objective analysis, put forward the guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals, major tasks and safeguard measures and other content, set up targeted quality brand special action, with strong pertinence and guidance, in line with the spirit of the party's eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, the six plenary session, in line with the new development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, embodies the grasp of leading economic development to adapt to the new requirements of the new norm, promote the supply side structural reform.
The panel concluded that the preparation of review draft correct guiding ideology, basic work solid content, structure reasonable, feasible development goals, focus prominent, program specification, and the "national economic and social development thirteenth five year plan", the State Council "quality development outline (2011-2020)" "quality supervision and inspection and quarantine career development" 13th Five-Year "plan" planning for the full convergence, forward-looking scientific, strong pertinence, innovative and workable.
(source: China Quality News)