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Food safety standards and monitoring and evaluation plan will be released "13th Five-Year" to amend the 300 national food safety standardsUpdated:2016-11-26    Click:
Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 25, 25 journalists from the national health and Family Planning Commission has learned that the State Planning Commission issued the "food safety standards and monitoring and evaluation of the" 13th Five-Year "planning (20162020 years)", in the "13th Five-Year" period to further improve the food safety standards and monitoring evaluation system, the formulation and revision of 300 food safety the national standard.
At present, China is still in the stage and the high incidence of the problem, highlighting the contradiction of food safety in addition, development and application of new technology, food, food and a variety of new chemical contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms appear constantly, put forward the new challenge to the food safety standards and monitoring and evaluation work. Faced with the new situation, planning, will further promote the construction of food safety standards. According to the development of standard classification of 7 key construction of food safety risk assessment standards and core laboratory standards; strengthen the publicity, training and tracking assessment, improve service standards, at or above the county level health administrative departments of health and food safety standards advisory service capacity has improved significantly.
Planning clear, will comprehensively promote food safety risk assessment. To form a relatively complete risk assessment and management standards and technical guidelines system; completed sixth of the total dietary food consumption, building cover 24 Categories of food toxicology and risk assessment database; 25 kinds of hazards in food, stage to carry out the food safety limit re evaluation standards in the amount of key material.
In terms of food safety risk monitoring, planning, will further enhance the ability of food safety risk monitoring. Risk monitoring covers all administrative regions of the county and extends to the township and village; the provincial, municipal and county level disease prevention and control institutions meet the requirements of the corresponding monitoring capacity building standards. Central and western regions, especially in poor areas to monitor the team has been enriched, significantly enhance the ability to monitor.
(source: Xinhua)