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Food enterprise classification management to determine the four risk levelsUpdated:2016-09-28    Click:
     From December onwards, food and drug administration departments will begin to food production enterprises in accordance with the ABCD four risk classification for supervision. In the food sampling, sampling from January to August this year, 61.8 million batches of food, a slight increase over last year, reaching 97.5% during the year will complete the 129.3 million batches of sampling.
This year in December, the food and drug regulatory authorities will begin to food production and management of enterprises classified supervision, combined with food production enterprises risk characteristics, in accordance with the low to high is divided into A-level risk, B-class risk, C-level risk, D-level risk 4 levels. Grade A food production and operation of the risk level, in principle, at least once a year supervision and inspection; B-level examination 1 to 2; C-level examination 2 to 3; D-level examination 3 to 4 times.
(Including patients, the elderly, students, etc.), the production of food products, food products, food products, food products, food products and other food products, Catering services catering enterprises, as well as large-scale or for a large number of consumers to provide dining services in the central kitchen, dining distribution units, canteens and other catering services business units.
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