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2016 national soy sauce, sauce and aquatic seasoning industry technical exchanges (guangdong)Updated:2016-08-31    Click:


    In order to improve soy sauce, sauce and seafood condiment enterprise production technology level, promote technical exchange between the relevant enterprises and experience sharing. China condiment association 23-25 August 2016 was carried out by the national soy sauce, soy sauce and fish condiment industry technical communication (guangdong) activities. Activities to field visit, the delegation industry expert lectures and discussion in the form of communication, domestic and international soy sauce, sauce and aquatic seasoning to more than 30 production enterprise technology participated in the event of the person in charge.

    This activity training department head led by China condiment association, China condiment association, experts working committee of senior experts, to guangzhou foshan Haitian food co., LTD., lee kum kee (new) food co., LTD., guangzhou ca mau brewing machinery co., LTD. Representative enterprises to visit, such as with the group and to visit the production management of the enterprise, research and development related to enterprise product innovation, process improvement, head of the achievements and the problems to be solved in such aspects of communication and exchanges.

    This activity with the experts on the actual demand of enterprise the scene teaching, and in-depth communication, interaction and enterprise representatives, for enterprise representatives and visit a group enterprise technical personnel's consistent high praise, you have said this activity harvest is very big, hope association to hold a similar technical exchange activities.

(source: attune training department)