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Measures for the management of food production and business operation risk classification issued by inspections and grade of hooksUpdated:2016-09-16    Click:

State food and drug supervision and management of administration has issued by the "food production or marketing risk classification management method".

"Method", the term "risk classification management, is refers to the food and drug supervision and administration department on the basis of risk analysis, combined with the food producers or marketers of food category, operational manner and the production and operation scale, the supervision and administration of food safety management and record, according to the risk evaluation indicators, divided into risk grade food producers and traders, and combined with the local regulatory resources and regulatory capacity, the different levels of supervision of the implementation of food production operator management.

"Method" regulation "producers or marketers of food risk level from low to high risk of risk is divided into class A and class B, class C, D level risk four levels, corresponding to the number of supervision and inspection, respectively at least once A year, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4 times.

(Source: The People's Daily )