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China will work around food safety assessment score in the first 10 called A levelUpdated:2016-09-05    Click:

Under the state council general office recently issued by the assessment of the food safety work appraisal way ", this year's food safety work for the provincial government to review the inspection. "Method" clear assessment as to the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the leadership and cadres comprehensive evaluation as well as an important reference of rewards and punishments. The assessment results points A, B, C three levels, was named class C of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, leading comrades will interview the principal of the state council.

"Method" clear appraisal object for the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) people's government, evaluation content includes food safety leadership, supervision and management, etc. The assessment by the state council food safety commission to organize and implement, once A year, scoring method, score the top 10 for A grade, 11th and later for class B. Any of the following circumstances for grade C: not timely and effective disposal of food safety accidents, serious adverse impact or heavy losses; Involves many links of regional food safety problems, failed to timely organization regulation, serious adverse impact or heavy losses; To hide or submits, slow food safety accidents; Special major food safety accidents, or continuous major food safety accidents.

(Source: China finance and economics)